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Lychee Pop

Lychee Pop

Lychee concentrate encapsulated, bursts upon biting.




7.48 LBS


4 Bottle

Get ready for a burst of flavor and a pop of fun with our Lychee Popping Boba! These little bursts of joy are infused with the essence of ripe lychee fruit, delivering a refreshing and exotic experience with every bite. Vibrant and chewy, our Lychee Popping Boba is the ultimate addition to your favorite drinks, bringing a burst of fruity sweetness that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Our Lychee Popping Boba is meticulously crafted, embodying the essence of genuine lychee flavor through the use of real lychee juice and select natural fruit extracts. Each pearl is a testament to our commitment to quality: We source our lychee juice from premium lychees, picked at the peak of ripeness to capture their uniquely sweet and floral notes. Combined with natural fruit extracts, our boba offers a burst of refreshing flavor and an invigorating aroma, distinguishing it as a superior choice for enhancing your beverages.


Beyond their delightful taste, our boba pearls are designed to contribute nutritional value, being naturally low in calories and fat-free. This makes them not only a delicious but also a health-conscious addition to your drinks. Whether you’re a devoted bubble tea aficionado or exploring new ways to enjoy your beverages, the purity, and freshness of our Lychee Popping Boba’s ingredients ensure an unparalleled experience with every bite.

Take your beverage game to the next level with our versatile Lychee Popping Boba! Whether you’re enjoying iced tea, shaking up cocktails, or blending smoothies, our boba adds an explosion of flavor and excitement to every sip. 


Experiment by adding them to fruit teas for a tropical twist, mixing them into mocktails for a burst of sweetness, or layering them in milkshakes for a delightful contrast of textures. With endless possibilities, our Lychee Popping Boba is your ticket to beverage bliss!