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We are your pantry, making
inventory management

We are your pantry,
making inventory
management simpler.

Coming from Taiwan, have enthusiasm for sharing culture and everyday life. We believe that food can transcend borders and is the most direct form of communication.


Starting from assisting businesses, I provide professional services and excellent ingredients, allowing business owners to focus on every cup of beverage and expand their customer base without worries.

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Service Of Our Work


Hands On Training

From beginner to advanced, step-by-step in-person/online instruction.
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Material and Equipment

With over 300 varieties of products, we have everything you need.
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One Stop Custom
Printing Service

From the design on the cup to the label on the material container, we can manufacture it according to your design drawings.
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Professional, efficient, and
high quality consultant services

From business startup guidance to after-sales customer service, our professional staff patiently addresses all your questions.

“PLAN-T believe that food can bring joy and connect people,
it is the only language that everyone has in common.”